Listening for arrhythmias

Enabling mass prevention of strokes and chronic complications over time in at-risk populations using voice-based markers for telemonitoring & screening

What is Cardiokol?

Cardiokol software applications for smart devices and telecom clouds enable practical, economical, prolonged mass tele-screening for dangerous, asymptomatic heart arrhythmias. Timely detection and management (with oral drugs) of arrhythmia, such as AF, can prevent over 70% of AF-related strokes and other chronic, high-cost complications.

About Us

Cardiokol is a privately-owned digital telehealth company that develops voice-based markers and methods for monitoring and screening heart rhythm disorders in large at-risk populations.

We offer revolutionary affordable, scalable, long-term and age-friendly monitoring solutions.

Our technology is applicable for mass at-risk populations including older adults (65+), by utilizing proprietary technology that is implemented in speech platforms such as landlines, smartphones, smart speakers and voice assistants.

Our Technology

‍Cardiokol technology extracts and identifies vocal parameters that are associated with the irregularity of heartbeat.

Our proprietary algorithms are based on explicit signal processing techniques and artificial intelligence (neural networks models) that were established with our growing clinical database of Atrial Fibrillation and normal heart rhythm vocal recordings with matched ECG patient recordings.

The Cardiokol Solution

Proprietary software-based solutions to scale AF detection, based only on voice

1. Input:
Voice Signal

2. Voice Analyser
& Risk Assessment

3. Output:
Atrial Fibrillation Detection



Eliminating the need to wear a device and handle new technology - with adaptable age-inclusive (primarily elderly-friendly) technology.


Our application is cost-effective and does not require hardware or special equipment.


Our detection capability via telecom networks is designed to provide remote mass-monitoring over time to hundreds of millions of older adults at risk.

Far-reaching solution


Our technology is compatible with a wide range of voice interfaces such as voice-activated assistants, smartphones, and any other method that produces a voice signal.


Our current study & pilot streams consist of:

3 Clinical studies

8 Medical Centres

Community pilot with patients at home

3 Patents Pending

Published Research

Cardiokol’s clinical development involves several medical centers.
The interim results of one of our completed multicenter study with 143 patients was presented in the European Society of Cardiology Congress in 2019.

Learn more about the study


Executive Team

James Amihood, CEO

25 years of management experience including CEO of PRM Inc., GM of Syqe Medical and senior positions at multinational pharmaceutical and healthcare companies (Teva, Schering Plough, Perrigo), managing subsidiaries and heading BD and M&A. BSc Chemistry, BSc IE, MBA

Alon Goren, Executive Chairman
& co-Founder

Experienced innovator, entrepreneur, leader and strategist in the health-tech ecosystem. Founder and former CEO of Endymed (a publicly-traded group of biomed companies) from idea to global sales, IPO, M&A and Int'l awards.
Acting as Board director/advisor to health-tech and other companies, academic and medical institutions. BSc EE, MSc BME, MBA, post-MBA and Board directors’ advanced programs

Yirmi Hauptman, CTO
& co-Founder

Experienced chief technology officer, over 20 years of experience in signal processing of speech signals including medical application. Former CTO and founder of Cellvine and Galsafe. MSc EE

Eli Attar , COO, VP R&D
& co-Founder

Over 20 years as technology and engineering executive of serval telecom companies and mega projects. Former Chief engineer Alcatel Israel, Director BD architecture & solutions Alcatel-lucent, VP Engineering Trilogical. BSc EE, MBA

Pini Sabach, Co-founder, Chief Collaborations & Cyber Security Officer

Experienced in variety of entrepreneurial and management positions. Founder & former CEO, Celerica, GalSafe, Pallasium. BA, PEE


Gilles Pagniez

Ron Shamir

Phonetica Co-founder & CEO

Stéphane Guinet

KAMET Founder and CEO
Former CEO of AXA Global Direct

Michael Niddam

KAMET Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Former Partner at Boston Consulting Group

Advisory Board

Dr. Gregory Golovchiner

Medical Advisor, Cardiologist
Head of the Electrophysiology Unit, Rabin MC

Prof. Natan Bornstein MD

Medical Advisor, Strokologist
Head of the Stroke Unit, Shaare Zedek MC
Former VP World Stroke Association

Dr. Amir Beker

Senior Advisor
Founder & CEO TASE:BSP

Yoav Rubinstein

Senior Advisor
Former CEO SHL Global (SWX:SHLTN)

Israel Schreiber

Senior Advisor
Former CEO, Healthwatch, Ornim Medical,
Itamar Medical (NSDQ:ITMR)


We have been accepted for the very exciting Bayer G4A partnerships Program for 2021" We are very proud and excited in being selected by Bayer as one of the Finalists of this year's G4A Growth.

Cardiokol was selected by Bayer from over 200 applications across 40 countries based on strategic fit, development stage of the project, and rigorous internal assessment.

Cardiokol is amongst four promising
#digitalhealth companies that will receive funding to accelerate market uptake as well as mentorship from Bayer experts and coaching from external industry experts in various fields.

Congratulations to the Cardiokol team on this incredible accomplishment, we will continue to develop life-changing technology using the power of voice to save lives.  



We are proud to be presenting this year’s Growth Track finalists which will take part in the G4A Digital Health Partnerships Program.

These four promising digital health companies in the areas of cardiovascular diseases, women’s health, and mental health will receive 100.000 EUR funding to accelerate market uptake as well as mentorship from Bayer experts and coaching from external industry experts in various fields.

The companies were selected by Bayer from over 200 applications out of 40 countries based on the strategic fit, development stage of the project, and internal assessment. Thank you to all of the companies that applied for our Partnerships Program this year! Stay tuned: We will announce this year’s Advance Track partners that will enter commercial partnerships with Bayer end of September.

This year’s selected Growth Track partners are:

Acorai develops a non-invasive, cost-efficient cardiac pressure monitoring device to reduce heart failure re-hospitalizations. The Acorai Heart Monitor can detect impending heart failure before visible symptoms appear.

Cardiokol develops a voice-based, hardware-free solution for monitoring and screening of heart arrythmias in order to prevent stroke and heart diseases and improve monitoring for at-risk populations.

Pollie develops the one-stop-shop telehealth solution for the management of complex women’s chronic conditions by offering a personalized, digital program for women to manage PCOS, the most common hormone imbalance in women.

RCube Health develops RESONY, an app that provides instant access to evidence-based mental health support. RESONY offers personalized exercises to reduce daily stress and anxiety.

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